What payment method can I use?

We accept payments from all the credit card types (Visa, American Express, Mastercard) and also PayPal.

How do I place an order?

There are many ways to place orders. If you would just like to place an order on an item without customizing it, just simply select what item you want, add it to your cart, and proceed to checkout. But if you want to let your creativity run wild and customize your own item,(which we highly recommend) click on the Luxury Line Customizer located in the menu. Once you’re in the designing tool, click on the menu located on the top left corner of your screen, then select on “Get Inspired.” Once you’ve selected that, you will be introduced to thousands and thousands of items such as shoes, bags, cases, etc. When you find something you like, simply click the item and select “Customize now,” from there it’s all you and your creativity. It is that simple 🙂

When I email you I never get a reply back, why not?

Often times our emails are sitting in your SPAM folder.  For that reason it is important that you “whitelist” our email address (flamzcompany@gmail.com) and always check your spam folder.  If it is a high priced order (Over $500.00), email us with your phone number so we can expedite your answer and provide you with the order details you need.

Which currency is displayed on website?

All our products are listed in US Dollars. If your credit card account is in a currency other than US Dollars, you may be charged at a different exchange rate than what is quoted on the website. These fees are determined by your bank’s pricing and transaction fee policies. We are not responsible for the exchange rate of any charges your bank or issuing credit card company may charge you. For further details of foreign transaction fees, please contact your bank.




How much is shipping?

Shipping is 30 Euros ($32.65) worldwide other than some countries in Africa.  

How long will it take for my order to be delivered?

Production of each shoe and leather goods such as bags take up to five weeks to be completely produced. The duration of the shipping takes from 4 to 7 days for order to be received after dispatch. This is not taking into account the current pandemic situation which is delaying some shipments depending on what region of the country you are located. We promise to process your order the same day you place it.  

Why do you need my phone number?

Orders are only delivered by DHL and this carrier requires a phone number to be able to deliver your package and ensure you will be there or to make delivery arrangements.  For that reason we need your best phone number.

How do I track my package?

If you require a tracking number please email us to flamzcompany@gmail.com.  We will send you a tracking number after we process your order.  Simply click “Track Your Order” and enter the tracking number to see the shipping status of your package. (We’ll send you all the info in the email).  Alternatively, you can click the link in the menu bar labeled “Track Your Order” and enter your order number and email address if you don’t have the tracking number handy.

Is fast shipping available?

We have a fast lane option that may suit your needs, just direct yourself to the “fast lane production” section in our Luxury Line customizer.

Is the fast lane option available for big events and weddings etc?

At Flam’z, we take pride in the quality and crafty uniqueness of our work so the only way you would be able to get fast lane productions is by going to the “Fast Lane” section of our Luxury Line customizer and go on from there. We take our time to input every string of detail in everything we make which is why this policy stands. Our fast lane productions take about two weeks production time and is then shipped free through DHL express.

Can I edit my order or my details?

Please note that we are only able to make changes to your order(s) if it has not been yet fulfilled. If you wish to change anything about your order, please contact us or write to us at flamzcompany@gmail.com within 24 hours of placing your order. If the order has already been processed, we can no longer make any necessary changes to it.

What is your exchange and refund policy?

At Flam’z, we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. All the items are checked carefully at the time of dispatch and right after production. We also provide guarantee that items are highly unlikely to have a manufacturing fault. You are encouraged to check the item as soon as it has been delivered to you. If you think that the item has a manufacturing fault, to address the issue please contact flamzcompany@gmail.com and attach some photos showing the fault immediately after receiving the delivery. If there is such a manufacturing fault, we then will notify the manufacturer of the problem and organize the exchange or return of your item. Customers are responsible for all charges regarding an exchange or return.



Will any of my gift cards expire?

No! Gift cards won’t expire, meaning you can keep them for however long you like. But we recommend to use it within the first 6 months of purchase, for personal company reasons.

Up to how many gift cards can I purchase?

There is no limit on how many gift cards you can purchase, you may acquire as many as you please. 



What is reseller’s account for?

This account is basically for anyone who would like to partner with us and purchase many shoes in bulk. Whoever would be interested in this affair, would basically fill out the contact form and we would get in contact with the inquirer.

How do I know if this is for me?

To be a reseller, consider these questions – Do I have the necessary budget needed? Do I want to order more than ten items in bulk? Do I possess enough information on how the whole reseller’s process works?



Can I use my points as soon as I am assigned them?

Our Flam’z Point Program is made by us to express our gratitude towards our vigorous and loyal customers, but you will not be able to use your points util three(3) purchases are made, though you may be able to direct them towards a matching discount if your points may apply.

Are my points eligible for my first purchase?

Although, for your first purchase, you may not be able to use just your points to purchase any item or trade them for any rewards, you may be able to direct them towards any matching discounts that you may have earned.