For many years, we’ve been limited by our choices on what to wear. Each individual’s choice had to be based on what there is to offer, the options that are available. But we’ve completely eradicated that by coming up with an innovating designing tool where you’re the full controller of what you want to wear. Creativity lies within everyone but some just don’t know how to unleash it within themselves, that’s where we come in. Flam’z is a new, groundbreaking mogul in the luxury world. Everything Flam’z is the result of the finest craftsmanship based in Spain. Giving each individual a chance to create something they could have only thought of in their wildest dreams, is what we pride ourselves on. What makes Flam’z different is that we possess the world’s greatest 3D designing tool allowing each person to create and visualize any apparel they desire by mixing different fabrics and materials however they see fit. The combinations are endless, ranging up to 60 billion design possibilities of different shoes and accessories. This is the basis of Flam’z. We’ve taken innovative designing technology to the next level.